BC’s capital city is full of coffee drinkers. Their vessel of choice? The take-out cup. If you stacked the cups our customers have gone through end-to-end they’d reach to space and back! We wanted a greener alternative, but custom-printed cups (let alone biodegradable ones) are typically unattainable for small shops due to the large production volumes required. Then we found Green Century, a BC company making exceptional compostable cups, so we set to work to broker a new deal.

The result? An affordable, low-impact, compostable, custom-printed cup that we can be proud of. ]And these cups are truly compostable! No harmful binders or chemicals, they fully degrade within a few months after use, returning to the earth as rich compost. 

Another great bonus? Since trailblazing this one-of-a-kind arrangement, the opportunity is open to all independent coffee shops across the nation.

Beyond Cups...we work hard to take a holistic approach, one that is inclusive and works for everyone. Part of that mission is to incorporate sustainability in whatever we do, whether that means compostable cups, providing living wages for all our staff, respectful and fair relationships with our growers, or a strict policy to reduce waste. 2% Jazz is certified with the Vancouver Island Green Business Collective to join forces with other like-minded businesses and keep us accountable.