Exploring the Hidden Gems of Specialty Coffee: A Journey through Cooperativa El Porvenir's Ayarza Wine Series

Exploring the Hidden Gems of Specialty Coffee: A Journey through Cooperativa El Porvenir's Ayarza Wine Series

Specialty coffee enthusiasts, meet Cooperativa El Porvenir and their Ayarza Wine Series. These coffee beans are grown in the nutrient-rich soil surrounding Laguna de Ayarza, a cold blue lake located in southeast Guatemala. The lake was formed by the collapse of two volcanoes, creating the perfect conditions for growing high-quality coffee.

Cooperativa El Porvenir takes their coffee sourcing seriously. They carefully select only the best cherries for natural processing, which must come from high altitudes and be picked to near-perfection. This is why they focus on small batch deliveries from trusted partners who provide consistent, high-quality cherries. The result is a collection of deeply fruited, notably winey coffees, each processed differently: washed, honey, and natural.

The Ayarza Wine Series is a standout among their offerings, featuring intense winey fruit notes and a complex taste profile. During our tastings, we picked up notes of cherry, strawberry, and confectioner's sugar, making for a unique and delicious cup. This coffee is a true representation of the area's terroir and the dedication of the farming families in the region, including Lorenzo, Zapata, Aguirre, Najera, Mendez, Sandoval, Ortega, Martinez, and Barrera.

Cooperativa El Porvenir is made up of nine farming families and 28 farms near Laguna de Ayarza. The coffee is grown at an average altitude of 1800 MASL and processed at 1500 MASL. They grow different varieties like red and yellow Catuaí, Pache, and red and yellow Bourbon. The coffee is dried on patios for 5-6 days and then moved to guardióas to finish. They also use shade trees like broadleaf and conifers to protect their coffee plants.

Laguna de Ayarza, or Blue Lake as it is known locally, is a beautiful and mysterious place. According to local legend, the lake may be connected to the ocean and the actual depth is unknown. Some say an expedition to find the bottom ended in tragic failure. Despite this, it is a must-see for visitors to the area, especially for those interested in the production of specialty coffee. It is only 30 minutes from Olam's cherry mill, where they purchase coffee from over 1000 small producers in the region. Some bring full truckloads of cherries; others arrive with a single sack on the back of a donkey.

At 2percentjazz.com/collections, we're proud to offer the Ayarza Wine Series from Cooperativa El Porvenir as part of our selection. We believe that these coffee beans are some of the best the region has to offer, and we're excited to share them with you. If you're looking to try something new, give these coffee beans a try - you won't be disappointed. So, if you want to taste the best of what the region has to offer, and also support small farming families, head over to 2percentjazz.com/collections and try out Cooperativa El Porvenir's Ayarza Wine Series

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