2%Jazz Coffee - The Music Behind the Name

2%Jazz Coffee - The Music Behind the Name

We’ve got a template for a running joke at 2%Jazz that goes something like this:

“2%Jazz, 98% Pizza.”

“2%Jazz, 98% Good Times.”

“2%Jazz, 98%...blog content.”

You get the idea. The original, however, is:

“2% Jazz, 98% Funky Stuff.” 

Where Did the Name 2%Jazz Coffee Come From?

Coined in his autobiography, this was the way Maceo Parker described his style of music. Parker is a legendary saxophone player, and in his career he has worked with some of the most massive names in the history of Funk and Soul music:

  • The James Brown Band, 
  • Parliament-Funkadelic, 
  • Prince, along with many others. 

Since the late 90s, Parker has been touring under his own name, and has been receiving prestigious music awards as well as headlining festivals all over Europe. He even closed out the Edmonton Jazz Festival in 2008!

2%Jazz Coffee comes by it’s name pretty simply: Maceo Parker is Sam, the owner’s, favorite musician! 

Name? Check. Next Goal - Leave with a Smile

When Sam was searching for a name in 1996 for a little kiosk that would become a little empire, he had to think not just about what to serve, but how to serve it. And, what sort of feeling he wanted his customers to have. 

That was pretty simple as well: If you weren’t smiling before you walked in, you should be by the time you leave. In 26 years, that ethos hasn’t changed. 

The same way as funk, soul, and jazz music make you happier just by listening to it, so too does 2%Jazz Coffee. It can lift your spirits just by engaging with the brand. 

Here’s another one from the vaults: 

“It puts a dip in your hip and a glide in your stride.”

-G. Clinton

Sam Meets His Idol - Maceo ParkerSam and Maceo

Sam saw Maceo when he came to town, years ago, and has a few great pictures of the man himself. One of Sam’s faves is an image of Maceo holding one of his kids in front of that first little coffee kiosk. Then there’s this one from after one of Maceo’s amazing performances. There’s also a great story about Sam calling around to find out whether or not he could even use the name 2%Jazz in the first place. 

Good stories to tell over a cup of coffee at one of our cafes and I guarantee that if you ask Sam he’ll be happy to tell you all about it. 

Music is a big piece of the puzzle at 2%Jazz Coffee. I’ve been joking for years that Sam only keeps me employed because we share the same taste in tunes. 

A lot of the feeling we try to create in our cafe and with our wholesale and online customers is based on those genres - it’s music that makes you feel better just by listening to it. 

2%Jazz Coffee & Local Music

We sponsor music and performing arts related events as much as possible, with past sponsorship of the Victoria Ska and Reggae Festival, the Conservatory of Music, and working with venues like the Victoria Event Center to support the local music scene. 

Sure, we want to make your day better just by coming to 2%Jazz, but we also want to take that feeling to the rest of the city as well and support organizations and initiatives that make you feel better just by living here. 

Thanks for choosing 2%Jazz Coffee!

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