2%Jazz is pleased to be releasing a new espresso!

You may ask yourself,  "Why are they reinventing such a great shot?”.

Well, as time goes on and trends change, coffee roasters have had great fun experimenting with roast degrees and what tastes are acceptable for an espresso brew method. My espresso has never fully changed with these trends, however there have been tweaks over the years to keep up with the industry.   I am convinced that there is room for more than just trendy espresso. It’s time to get back to basics. What does 2%Jazz mean by back to basics in espresso? Well, the answer is subjective to taste.  Sam (that's me), the owner of the company and long time Barista and Coffee Roasters has a history of drinking and making sweet, rich espresso. My influences have always been coffees within the Cascadia region and from the mid 90s to the early 2000s. When I drink espresso that tastes like this era, it reminds me of a rainy day drinking shots at Vivace, Hines Public Market or 49th Parallel. Today’s single origin espresso can too often  be light roasted, or under developed and really leave something to be desired. That sour taste of lemon is not an attribute it is a symptom of a coffee being under developed. When this happens the sugars in the coffee are not fully caramelized and the acids become too domineering . Like bringing the funky beats back from the 90s, so too will I bring that funky baseline back to the espresso at 2%Jazz. As a straight shot, you’re gonna see more colour, more crema, and taste a round sweet body. When mixed with milk, the contrast between the milk, and the coffee will be striking and will remind you of a dark milk chocolate. We will be rolling out this new Espresso into our hoppers at all the SEQUOIA COFFEE locations, the Hillside location for 2%Jazz, and we are switching out the espresso at Gonzales Coffee. These four cafés will be your best chance to come in and try our new espresso. If you are an old customer of 2%Jazz, this change will remind you of the reasons you started to come to drink espresso at 2% Jazz in the first place. This will be my throwback blend. We are still looking for a name for this new classic, so if you have any suggestions for a new name for this incredible espresso please let us know. All suggestions will be taken it into consideration. So if you’re like me and it has been a long time since you’ve been inspired to drink espresso, this is your opportunity to come in and get reacquainted with 2% Jazz and the reasons you fell in love with Coffee in the first place. It is available at all outlets that sell 2%Jazz Coffee. This new espresso can also be bought on our online store right now! It is selling under the monicker, “the Hudson Blend” until we come up with a better handle!

I really wants this to be your favourite blend of coffee that you use to make your espresso at home. So get out there and give it a try, then let us know what you think. Is lemony espresso a fading fad? Are you happier with a deeper, more flavourful espresso?

Our 2%Jazz Espresso is still available for you too. This new Espresso quest is 2%Jazz putting a glide in your stride and a dip in your hip! 

-keeping it real since '96


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