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Laurina - Natural Low Caffeine

Laurina - Natural Low Caffeine

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Don't sleep on this one - Fincas Mierisch has delivered a truly amazing product. Laurina is a coffee varietal that grows naturally with very little caffeine - 0.4 - 0.75% to be exact, compared with 1.2 - 1.6% for other varietals. No compromise on taste here, this is the real deal. Chocolate, juicy sweetness, and a sharp, clean finish.

Laurina is a tough coffee to cultivate. Caffeine in coffee bushes acts as a natural bug repellent, so sweet Laurina cherries is a perfect snack for all sorts of critters looking for a meal. A lot of time and care has to go into getting this coffee just right, and we're grateful that the good folks at Mierisch have done just that. This is the second year of offering this coffee, and we'll keep doing so as long as it is available!

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